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"And you'll give me the figure if I do this?" Patricia couldn't help but ask.

"Yup!" Hiyori cheerfully supplied from behind the taller girl. "Now stand still Patty, so I can finish this!"

The two girls were in Hiyori's bedroom, conducting a 'grand experiment' as per the glasses wearing otaku's request. Hiyori had ordered some equipment online and wanted to put it to good use. With the promise of giving away a rare Asahina Mikuru figurine to her blonde friend if she complied, Hiyori found the perfect test subject in Patty. Her friend had arrived in her yellow tank top and tan pants, ready to snag her prize.

"Ah, not so tight, not so tight!" Patty whined, wincing slightly.

"It's a straitjacket, silly!" Hiyori defended as she fastened a leather strap around her stomach. "It's gotta be tight!"

"I guess so…" the blonde muttered, before perking up. "C'mon, the fate of the world rests on me getting my hands of that figure! Hurry up and tie me up so I can add it to my collection~"

"That's the spirit!" the shorter girl gushed, tightening the other two straps to the straitjacket. With the straitjacket secured, Patty found that her arms had been rendered completely useless. No matter how hard she tried moving them, the straitjacket proved to be an indomitable stonewall. 'Not nearly as hard as one, thankfully!' she thought to herself. 'It's more like getting hugged by a big 'ole snake, like in that one episode of –'

Her internal monologue was cut short when Hiyori nudged her into the direction of a chair in her room.  "Alright, take a seat for the next phase to begin!" she urged, pushing Patty along.

"Okay, okay! What all did you have in mind beyond the straitjacket, though…?" Patty wondered aloud. "You just wanted to see if this would fit me, right? Well, it obviously does."

"Of course it does, Patty!" Hiyori said, rolling her eyes. "But there's much more to testing out a straitjacket's worth than simply putting it on! I need to test a lot of different factors if I want to send a proper review about this product!"

Patty sat down into the chair, idly kicking her legs. "What's the next step, then?" she asked.

"Well, stop kicking your legs for a second to start off," Hiyori replied. When her foreign friend's longer legs stilled, Hiyori bent down. She slid off Patty's socks one after another, leaving the girl barefoot.

"Not that I mind…but why'd you need to remove my socks?"

"You'll see~" was Hiyori's cryptic answer.

The question was partially answered seconds later when Hiyori shoved one of the socks into Patty's mouth.  Having opened it to ask another question, Patty found her mouth quite easily occupied by the invading article of clothing. The other sock soon rejoined its brethren as the pair laid claim to her mouth.

"Whhh?!" she cried, not liking this new turn of events. As she tried spitting the wads out of her mouth, Patty's eyes widened in horror as she saw her friend grab a roll of silver duct tape.


"Nnhhh!" Patty whined, futilely trying to spit them out. Her efforts were cut short when tape met face, Hiyori wrapping it around the entirety of her head. Even her hair was being pinned down by the long strip of tape.

"Whh arrh yhh ohhng?" she demanded, outraged by Hiyori's choice of gag.

Ignoring her friend's muffled protests, Hiyori cheer fully intoned, "Aw, don't sweat it! You'll get your figurine soon enough. Now, let's get your legs situated…"

She walked over to a corner of her room, moving aside a pile of seemingly random junk. Underneath sat a wooden stock, which she promptly dragged to the center of the room. Next, she pulled out a pillow from her closet and tossed it onto the floor in front of the wooden contraption.

"Alright then," Hiyori began, clapping her hands together. "I'm going to need you to stand up and slip your feet into this." She explained, bending down to open the clasps up.

Patty glanced between the stocks and Hiyori in disbelief. 'She really wants me to just shove 'em into this suspicious thing after what she just did?' she couldn't help but think.

She stood up from the chair, trying her best to take up the most defiant pose she could muster restrained as she was.

As she prepared to defy her friend's wishes, she caught a glimpse of the Mikuru figurine, sitting tauntingly on Hiyori's desk. As though someone flipped a switch, Patty's short lived defiance left her, replaced by resignation.

Shaking her head, she finally told herself, 'This'll be worth it in the end! Besides, this hasn't been THAT bad, even with the socks…'

With fire burning in her eyes, Patty confidently strode up to the device. Some of her confidence evaporated upon sitting down onto the soft pillow Hiyori had provided. Upon stretching her legs straight out in front of her and into the slots, the mystery of the unknown began to make way for seeds of doubt to grow again.

When her legs were encased after the top half was slid back into place and locked, she experimentally tried tugging them out. The stocks provided no room for escape, rendering the foreign girl completely helpless.

Patty found that through the veil of mixed emotions, a hint of excitement was slowly bubbling. 'Hehe, am I considering being tied up as being potentially fun? If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I might be a little perverted!' she thought amusedly to herself.

Wriggling her toes, she looked in askance at her bespectacled friend, wondering what was next on the agenda.

"The best way to test out a straitjacket is to see if it can handle the strain put on it when the wearer is struggling!" Hiyori finally remarked, after double checking that the stock was properly locked up.

"I'm going to need some authentic struggling from you, Patty!" she continued, pointing a finger excitedly at the blonde. Patty nodded her head, immediately beginning to put her energy into squirming.

'It's soooo tight!' Patty couldn't help but once again note, the tightness of leather straps digging into her skin slightly despite the layers of canvas and cloth. Still, she dutifully thrashed around for another minute, gaining no ground in an escape attempt.

"Just as I thought…" Hiyori spoke up, having remained silent during the struggle, "Thrashing around without a proper incentive isn't nearly authentic enough! Time for phase three!"  

Stopping her struggling, Patty blinked, blue eyes staring up at the other girl. "Mm?" she muttered, confused.

Hiyori glided past the bound girl, grabbing a knapsack sitting on a shelf. Patty craned her neck, following her movement. 'Huh…wonder what's in the bag!' she wondered, the vague sense of excitement making itself known again.

Patty wasn't sure what to expect, but she definitely hadn't counted on something as mundane as baby oil being pulled from the sack. '…that's it?' was her immediate thought, an odd sense of disappointment settling in.

"Ku ku ku…don't worry Patty," Hiyori chuckled, noticing her friend's expression, "Things will get exciting pretty soon!"

Hiyori sat the knapsack on the floor in front of Patty's bound feet before kneeling in front of them as well. Twisting the bottle open, she began squirting the baby oil into the palm of her left hand. Smacking her hands together to ensure the liquid was covering both, she began rubbing the feet before her with them.

Her hands moved with a deft precision that left Patty stunned, palms and fingers moving with efficiency.

"Nngh!" 'Ah! That kinda tickles!' Patty thought, the feeling of the cool liquid breaking her concentration.

"We haven't even properly started yet and already there's a nice reaction!" Hiyori happily noted.

It wasn't long before every inch of Patty's soles were slathered in the substance. She experimentally wriggled her feet around some more, marveling at how they felt different. 'They really feel better than before, that's for sure!

"Mmh~" she contentedly sighed. She paused, suddenly becoming confused once more. 'But…what was the point of this, again?'

When Hiyori produced several long feathers from the bag, Patty suddenly found  the situation to be less agreeable. 'F-feathers!? She's going to tickle me, isn't she! she fretted, squirming nervously in her restraints. Patty's feet were notoriously ticklish, a fact she tried to hide to the best of her ability.

The foreign girl would have slapped her forehead in exasperation if she had the ability to. 'She strips me of my socks, puts me in stocks and then oils up my feet…how did I not see this coming?!'

"Hey, don't give me that look, you pretty much agreed to this you know!" Hiyori chided, bringing the feathers closer to the fidgeting feet before her.

She began stroking each foot with the two feathers in either hand, gently tracing lines up and down Patty's soles. The action elicited a squeak from Patty, who winced and bit down into her gag.

"Nhhhh!" she whined, a single eye screwed shut. She desperately attempted to keep the giggles stifled, clamping her teeth harder into the socks stuffed within her mouth. Suddenly, the prospect of being gagged in such a manner seemed like a boon rather than a misfortune.

"Hm…no, this still isn't good enough." Hiyori commented. While impressive, Patty being able to contain herself for over a minute wasn't helping her research any.

"We'll need to ramp things up, then!" the bespectacled girl boldly declared, pulling the feathers away.

"Rhhm ahhhng ahgh?!" Patty tried repeating, relief of the bombardment halting overweighed by the frightful prospect of more to come.

Setting the feathers aside, Hiyori once again dug around in her bag. A pair of toothbrushes were pulled out, causing Patty to sweat a little.

"Round two~" Hiyori gushed, bringing the bristles of the brushes up against the defenseless, moistened feet before her.

Starting softly, Hiyori saw that she was already getting more of a reaction out of the blonde this time around. "Nhhmph!" Patty squeaked, her self control nearly shattered.

Hiyori's eyes took on a determined glint as she pressed her assault, the intensity of each stroke ramping up. Soon, every inch of Patty's soft bare soles were being explored by the brushes, no ground left untouched.

Worse yet, Hiyori seemed to pick up on each foot's most sensitive spots; the insoles, the gap between her big toes and the smaller ones, as well as the big toes themselves. Each spot was worked on with particular care, the brushes moving from spot to ticklish spot at random.

The maddeningly ticklish sensations quickly grew too much for her to handle. Less than a minute into the renewed tickling session, Patty lost the last bits of control she held on to, bursting into a mad fit of giggles.

"Mhmhmhmhmhmhhhh!" her laughter, even while muffled, still managed to boom throughout the room. The blonde's body soon joined in with her uncontrollable giggles, thrashing about madly with reckless abandon.

"Ngghmhmhmhm!" the laughter continued, tears welling up in her eyes. 'T-this is…! This is so…!' she tried to think to herself, her mind barely forming coherent thoughts. Many words came to mind to describe this situation; terrible, maddening, ridiculous, absurd, frustrating and embarrassing came to her right away. Much to her shock was the fact that the words "fun" and "enjoyable" briefly flitted through her mind as well.

Patty lost track of time, completely losing herself into the sensations that were driving her mad. By the time Hiyori finally stopped, Patty's face was lit up with a scarlet red blush. Glancing at a nearby clock, her blue eyes widened in shock when she realized that only ten minutes had passed. 'It felt like hours!' she thought in wonderment.

"Hm…" Hiyori muttered, staring contemplatively at the panting girl before her. "That was pretty good, but it still feels like we've fallen just short of the results I was hoping for."

"Hhmh?" Patty mewled, turning her head from the clock to look at her friend. Already, Hiyori was digging through the knapsack once again. Patty watched on with a growing sense of anticipation. Nervously chewing on the socks still lodged within her taped mouth, she couldn't help but excitedly wonder 'That…was actually sort of fun, in a weird way. Wonder what the next challenge is!'

Wriggling her toes in excitement, she determinedly thought, 'Bring it on – that Mikuru figure is miiiine!'

The first thing Hiyori pulled out two small plastic pet brushes, Patty's eyes widened slightly as she noticed how many of those short bristles each one had. But what completely threw Patty off was what came next – two egg vibrators.

"Nngh?!" Patty huffed, cheeks turning scarlet as she eyed the devices with trepidation.

As though reading her thoughts, Hiyori chuckled. "Hehe, just wait and see~" she supplied, a perverse glint in her eyes doing nothing to help assure Patty.

Grabbing the roll of duct tape, Hiyori began carefully taping one of the plastic brushes against the side of a vibrator, before doing the same for the other. Once again, Patty found herself staring at her bespectacled friend in confusion. 'Wait, what's she even doing?

Hiyori scooted up to Patty's feet once more, tearing a long strip of tape from the roll. Placing the brush/vibrator hybrid up against one of the blonde's soles so that the bristles met skin, Hiyori began to secure it in place with the tape. Soon, the brush and vibrator had been tightly fitted against the sole, remaining in place even as Patty experimentally tried moving the foot around.

Moments later, the other foot got the same treatment, with the second brush/vibrator hybrids firmly secured in place.

Grasping at both vibrators' control boxes, Hiyori left Patty with one last statement, "And now…round three!"

Hiyori's fingers flicked both of the switches to the maximum settings, and just like that, Patty found herself completely lost in her own world.

"NGHGHMHMHMHHM!" she squealed, body thrashing harder than it had before. Already, tears began welling up in her eyes, her face lighting up a deep shade of red once more. Hiyori had placed the brushes well, having fitted them over one of each foot's most sensitive spot – the insoles.

Hiyori stepped back, admiring her handiwork. Content with the setup, she took a seat in her chair and watched with rapt attention. "Now there's the reaction I was looking for!"

Patty's response was simply yet another squeal.


Sometime later, Hiyori finally sat up and turned the vibrators off. "Alright then, I'd say that's enough!"

She began removing the tape pinning the brushes and vibrators to Patty's feet, talking all the while, "You struggled pretty fiercely there with just the right amount of authenticity I was looking for!"

With her friend's feet freed from the makeshift tickling device, Hiyori moved onto the stock, unlatching each lock. "And through it all, the straitjacket seems to have held true – no loosening in any spots from what I can tell."

Hefting the stock open, Hiyori watched with mild amusement as Patty's legs shot backwards, huddling closer to her panting chest.

Standing, the bespectacled girl moved over to Patty, leaning down to remove the tape concealing her mouth. Stepping aside, she waited patiently for the blonde to spit out the wadded socks. With her mouth finally freed from impediment for the first time in an hour, the winded girl began panting heavier, trying to catch her breath.

"S…so….we're finished, then?" Patty finally ground out, her breathing slowly returning to normal. Hiyori nodded as she moved behind her to begin undoing the straps of her straitjacket. "Yup, you're free to go once I get you out of this!" she assured her.

"Thank you sooooo much by the way, you've been a huge help with my research!" Hiyori added, completely removing one of the straps.

"H-heh, don't mention it! It was actually kinda fun, in an odd way!" Patty replied, her boundless energy quickly returning.

It was only then, as her mostly freed body continued to pant heavily, that she finally noticed the webcam situated on Hiyori's computer monitor. She had been facing it the entire time, a fact that had her nervously asking, "Hah….u-uh, that camera…you weren't recording this, were you…?"

"Oh, don't be silly, as if I'd do something as mean as that without proper precautions!"

"Well, alright then!" Patty cheerfully remarked. "So, as fun as this was, how's about untying me? I wanna feel that figure, Hiyori!"

"Sure, let's get you out of this and your precious Mikuru is allllll yours~"


The next day, Patty noticed that she received a message from Konata when she went onto her computer. "Hey, check this video out! Doesn't this room look kinda familiar for some reason?" it had said, providing her with a link to check out.

Patty warily clicked on the link…and her mind came to a screeching halt. When her brain finally rebooted, three facts presented themselves to her:

One, it seemed like the webcam had recorded the entire thing.
Two, it seemed like Hiyori was fond of half-truths, with her statement of "…without proper precautions" translating into blurring out their faces.
And three, what was Konata doing looking at a straitjacket review site anyway?!

As awesome as finally having the ultra rare Mikuru figurine was, it seemed like a little bit of friendly revenge would have to be in order…
Here's a story I whipped up for :iconveroom:

Patty finds herself the lucky star of Hiyori's product testing. It's a laugh riot.
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Epedge Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Best storie ever!!!
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
The best? Well, I'm not sure I'd go that far, but thank you for the praise all the same! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
Foxer35 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
Vibrator tickle torture. This... I'll have to think on by myself.

Very interesting, and very fun~
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
I'm hoping that means you got good vibes from this concept!
Foxer35 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
It certainly makes me happy to see-


Oh u...~ :D
dreadlord175 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
This was amazing, it honestly felt like something that would've happened. Great job overall ^^
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Hey, thanks! If there's one thing I always try to aim for, it's staying accurate to the source material in terms of characterization. :)
dreadlord175 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Well I have to say that you did truly did well in that aspect.
Veroom Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
There was no way I wasn't going to like this one, considering it's a girl chosen from my top list put into a very interesting situation by a writer whose works I enjoy reading =P

I'm still reluctant to praise any parts in particular because it'd make it seem like I enjoyed the rest less than I did, but for me a highlight was the accurate and fun characterisation: Patty's naive enthusiasm, the way Hiyori's crafty setup swiftly turned that to doubt, and its gradual growth into playful acceptance.

Thanks so much for creating this :3 I still don't feel I did enough to deserve such an awesome spontaneous gift haha.
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Wow, I guess this was rigged for success from the get-go, huh? :D

Glad you liked it~ Proper characterization is always something I try to strive for, so it's always great seeing super fans of a character heartily approve! And you just happened to be in the right place at the right time - I was bored, wanted to write a new story, you were right there and I wanted to thank you for the flash menus you've made. Simple. :P
Veroom Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Still don't think those need thanking haha. They're fun to make and the result seems to appeal to all =P
jackmackhack Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
Man, this was an AWESOME set up dood! Great job! I'm sure Veroom will be very happy with it ;) (I sure was!) Very creative use of those vibrating eggs in Hiyori's escalating attempts to properly *test* her straitjacket~ And Patty was quite the perfect test subject, eh?~

...I will admit...I'm kinda curious as to what kind of rare Mikuru figurine it was :P
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Patty should've read the fine print before signing up! "Warning: Test subject can and will be subjected to various intensities of tickling". ..okay, who am I kiddin', the contract was all in Hiyori's head, so it's not like she could've read it anyway. =P

A waitress Mikuru figurine for the waitress that cosplayed as Mikuru is, again, the perfect sell for someone like Patty. ;)

Glad you liked it!
jackmackhack Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Or if she'd be able to properly demonstrate her complaints to the strait jackets manufacturer =P they'd probably demand a demonstration of the fault just so they could see it replicated proplerly~

And yeah. Patty probably really loves the patty figure for allot of reasons~ Even if she's a bit too tall and confident to REALLY be our petite buxom little moe mascot ;)
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