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“Hurry it up, would you?!”

“We’re going as fast as we – ngh – can, boss.”

Inside the facility's loading area, one of Irkalla's kindly 'donated' transportation trucks was being loaded up as the intruders wrapped up their caper.

They had already secured the capsule containing Number 19 inside of it, and were now struggling to fit the large crate with its occupants in after it.

Juri tapped a foot in impatience as she watched over her men.

With a noise of exertion, they finally heaved the crate inside. One of them moved to the driver’s seat, while the other two continued to ensure the crate properly fit.

“We good to go?” the driver called back.

“Yeah, we’re all done here,” one of the other men replied, sliding the truck’s back doors shut.

“About time,” Juri groused, getting inside the passenger seat.

The truck’s engines roared to life as the driver began to pull off.


“What the –?!” the unfortunate driver cried out.  

The truck barely covered any distance when the ground rumbled underneath it. The vehicle veered off course, sending it toppling over onto its side.

Inside, most of the occupants reeled in stunned shock, trying to get their bearings. “W-what just…happened?” one of the men in the back groaned.

Juri rubbed her head. “Nothing important better be broken back there!” she called back, agitated.

“We’re mostly fine – “

“Not you, idiot, the packages!”

“Gee, thanks for the concern boss. But what was that?”

“I’ve got a pretty good idea,” Juri murmured. Wasting no time, she kicked open the door above her, gracefully pulling herself out of the overturned truck. Now perched atop it, Juri was greeted with the sight of Crimson Viper regarding her with a cold stare.

Though still clad in what was left of her scientist disguise, the spy had donned a pair of black, knee high boots, gloves and an orange pair of goggles. To the unaware, they may have seemed like regular – if not a touch eccentric – articles of clothing. But Juri knew better.

She would be in for a properly entertaining fight. And as much as it annoyed the Korean that her plans had been shifted around…she couldn’t help but lick her lips in excitement.

“Well, that was faster than expected,” Juri exaggeratedly sighed. “I guess you really wanted to answer my question, huh?”

“I certainly didn’t want to disappoint,” came Viper’s deceptively calm response. Her tone did little to belay her true emotions.

Today had ended up being far more taxing than she had ever anticipated. With all of the pent up frustration and fury from what Juri had done to her, Viper was more than ready to unleash it all right back at them.

Inwardly, Juri grimaced. She hadn’t intended for things to go like this, and now that the woman before her had her gear back, dealing with her would prove to be quite annoying.

But a fight was a fight, and Juri had been spoiling for a decent one for some time now.

“That’s the spirit!” Juri cried. Flipping over the edge of the truck, she pushed her legs against its overturned underside, vaulting herself forward. She soared through the air, aiming one of her powerful legs at Viper’s head.

Powered by the compressed air in her boots, Viper launched herself upwards, a fist raised in front of her. Sparks of electricity burst forth from it, turning the agent into a human rocket.

“Tch!” Juri barely managed to twist her body out of the way at the last second, some of the sparks skimming her midriff.

“Hey, it’s that crazy chick again!”

The men had finally exited out of the vehicle, eager to see what had held them up. “What’s with the get-up?” one of them sneered, taking in the additions to Viper’s outfit.

“You idiots! Get back into the truck – “ Juri roared, but it was too late. Viper slammed a fist into the ground, creating an eruption underneath their feet. The shockwave sent the group of men flying backwards.

As one of them struggled to stand up, he had the misfortune of having a devastating kick delivered to his head, courtesy of Viper’s boot.

Juri lobbed several ki blasts her way, but Viper simply pushed one of the other men into their trajectory. They smashed into him, shielding her in the process. “Guh!”

The final man grabbed her from behind, a familiar act. “Gotcha! No more repeats of last time, do you hear – “

She pressed her knuckles against his arms and let her gloves course electricity through him. “Aggh!”

He released her immediately, allowing her to vault over his head and onto his shoulders. Pinning his head with her legs, she tore off his mask and rammed her knuckles into his dome, letting loose another electrical charge.

Just as she dismounted from his crumpling body, she was sent flying backwards from a kick to the abdomen.

“Twice now! First thing I’m doing when I get back is hiring better goons!” Juri complained.

“I’d imagine that’ll be difficult to pull together when you’re rotting in a cell,” her opponent remarked.

“Hah!” Juri scoffed, looking every bit amused, “I’d like to see you try!”

“With pleasure.”

Viper barely had time to react to Juri’s next leaping kick, just barely able to duck it in time. The fist Juri shot her way, however, hit her cleanly on the jaw.

Juri stretched a leg upwards and sent it careening down towards the spy’s head. Rather than avoiding it completely, Viper moved slightly to the side, bringing her arms up to block - and divert – the blow.

Her arms throbbed from the effort, but Viper was rewarded by her action. Juri was off-balance, an advantage Viper was quick press. Activating the seismic function of her gloves, she sent a powerful punch towards Juri’s stomach.


The impact sent Juri flying backwards. The lithe woman managed to twist herself in the air just in time to land on her hands and knees.

She rolled out of the way just as the ground exploded underneath her. Viper pounded a fist against the ground again. This time, the impact hit Juri.  

Not wanting to give the Korean woman a chance to breathe, Viper ran at her prone form, fists sparking with electricity. She cocked a fist backwards, aiming at Juri’s downcast head…

…and felt her legs fall from under her as Juri swept her off her feet with a low kick.

Juri straddled the downed spy, leaning in to peer intently at the woman. “Come on…” she breathed, “Is that the best you can do?”

Viper smirked back at her. When her orange goggles began to glow red, Juri’s eyes widened in confusion. “What the…”

A tiny burst of energy shot out, hitting Juri in the forehead. Stunned, Juri found herself flipped off of the spy.

“Like my new glasses? They’re still in development, but they come in handy now and then,” Viper gloated. What she didn’t bother mentioning was the fact that the blast could only be used once – her goggles were now dangerously low in power.

Rubbing her forehead, Juri cast Viper an odd look. “That…was pretty lame.”

Smiling, she slowly lowered her hand. “If we’re comparing eye accessories, mine’s still the best around!”

Her left eye flashed, signaling the activation of the Feng Shui Engine. She was upon Viper in an instant, sending a rapid pinwheel kick at the agent.

Viper sprung away on pockets of compressed air, but Juri remained hot on her trail. During her mad dash towards the retreating spy, Juri sent a massive flurry of ki blasts her way. Unable to completely avoid the wall of energy, Viper was forced to take several hits.

Already wincing from the various blows she was forced to endure, Viper’s situation only worsened when Juri closed the distance between them. The flurry of kicks and punches Juri rained down on her were too fast for Viper to do little more than attempt to defend against.

With a burst of compressed air, she attempted to retreat once more, but Juri kept pace with her. Knowing that her battered body wouldn’t be able to take much more, Viper changed strategies.  

Forcing her weary legs to vault herself into a backwards somersault, Viper activated the secondary function of her exotic footwear. As she swept out her legs into a wide, sweeping kick, the compressed air erupted into flames. The intense heat not only halted Juri’s progress, but the flare of the flames had temporarily blinded her.

The Korean clutched her eyes, growling in frustration. “You’ll pay for that!”

Nearing exhaustion, Viper’s landing was rougher than it normally would have been. Not wanting to lose what might be her last advantage, the crimson spy shifted the settings of her gloves. She delivered a blow to her head, empowered by the seismic force.

As Juri flew backwards, Viper dashed after her, her boots working overtime in speeding her up. Jumping onto Juri’s flying form, Viper crossed her arms, touching her knuckles against her cheeks.

Electricity coursed through Juri’s body as they both landed with a heavy impact. “GAHHH!”

Knowing how resilient Juri was, Viper kept at it longer than she might have when dealing with ordinary targets. Juri’s body spasmed for a moment, before going limp.

“Y-you…” Juri weakly coughed, “I’ll….ge-get you for….this…”

Viper carefully watched the downed fighter, ready at any moment to shock her again if she proved to be faking it. Staring into Juri’s half-opened eyes, she noted with satisfaction that it seemed as though the would-be leader of S.I.N.’s cybernetic eye had shorted out.

With her adrenaline running out, the events of the day began to catch up with Viper. She stumbled upwards, exhaustion starting to settle in.

Taking in the overturned truck and the unconscious bodies scattered around, the spy tried to look on the bright side.

’This definitely was far from ideal,’ she concluded, ’But I’m coming out of this on top of things all the same.’

Glancing down at Juri’s semi-conscious form, Viper had to correct herself. ’And I even get a bonus thrown in for my efforts. Good. I could use extra pay after what I had to go through today.’

Viper turned on a dime, walking to a small equipment closet near the entrance to the loading bay. Forcing it open, she eyed the contents within. Several coils of thick rope sat in a corner, intended for tying down packages. The agent, of course, had other uses in mind for it.

Plucking it, along with several rags, the crimson-haired woman returned to the scattered bodies she had rendered unconscious. The trio of men were tied together, their equipment and masks stripped away in the process.

Turning her attention to Juri, Viper couldn’t help but smirk. “Let’s see you like it.”

She grabbed Juri’s prone legs, bending them against the unconscious woman’s chest. Viper wound rope along Juri’s bent limbs, underneath her bucked knees. Knowing just how powerful those legs were, the spy didn’t skimp on the amount of rope she applied. She slowly worked her way down, only stopping when she reached Juri’s ankles and hips. Like this, Juri’s legs would be forced to remain bent.

Viper shifted her focus towards Juri’s arms next. Pulling them behind her captive’s back, Viper set about binding her wrists. Two more coils of rope were fitted along Juri’s shoulders and torso, effectively giving her a boxtie.

Not yet satisfied, Viper began to wind another bundle of rope around Juri’s legs, wrapping it all the way around her back. When the finishing touches were applied, Viper smirked at her handiwork. With Juri’s upper body tied to her legs, she wouldn’t be able to pull herself away from her lower limbs. She had been effectively balled up nice and tight.

Finally, she shoved a rag into Juri’s mouth, tying another around her head to keep it firmly lodged within.

Content, Crimson Viper walked off to finally carry out what she had intended to do from the start.


With much of the security still unconscious, Viper was met with no resistance as she broke into a restricted area. All of the information pertaining to the research on Number 19 and the Tanden Engine was copied from the offline mainframe, and a worm virus was left in its place. By the time anyone would notice, the damage would be irreversible and the data entirely gone.

She swung by her locker afterwards. There wasn’t too much of importance in it, now that she had her equipment on, but it never hurt to be thorough. She emptied out its contents, taking what she could and destroying the rest.

The next task would prove to be difficult – she had to procure the capsule containing Number 19’s body from the overturned truck. The cart they had used to move it was inside, much to her relief, but she still found herself struggling with positioning it onto it.

After barely managing to push it out of the truck, Viper paused to survey the loading bay. Another truck sat some distance away, untouched in all the chaos. Striding over to it, she picked the lock to the driver’s seat with a lockpick she had snatched from her locker and opened up the shutters in the back.

Rather than push the heavy load to the truck herself, Viper took advantage of a forklift she knew would be nearby, just out of sight from the loading doors. If Juri or her men had bothered looking around longer, they might have loaded up their cargo faster, she realized.

Despite everything that had transpired today, luck seemed to be on Viper’s side in the end.

Moving the capsule into the back of the truck proved to be awkward at best, as she barely had any experience with handling a forklift, but it got the job done. With that taken care of, Viper moved onto her next order of business: opening up the crate.

She may have been worn out, but Viper wasn’t about to leave her hapless former co-workers stuck inside its confines. Making a return trip to the supply closet, the spy approached the crate inside the overturned truck with a newly acquired crowbar.

Prying open the lid was a struggle for the worn woman, but Viper kept at it. While she might have just severely set them back on their latest project, none of the researchers were bad company, per se. Viper would have preferred if they came out of this mess unscathed – physically, at least.

Exerting herself, the crimson agent managed to finally pop the lid open. Immediately, several huddled bodies spilled out of the overturned box, each one restrained with torn pieces of lab coats and gagged with microfoam tape. She began pulling the rest out from its confines, checking everyone over. Much to her relief, they all seemed to be in good health, though many of them were unconscious.

Amongst them was Dr. Fernanda, who blinked up at Viper with wide eyes. “Mmyhha!”

“Shh, some of the attackers might still be out there,” Viper lied, “Help should be arriving soon to secure this area, but until then, staying put might be the best option.”

Viper began untying Fernanda’s wrists, before stepping back. “Can you take it from here?” Fernanda nodded absentmindedly, wincing as she pulled the tape off of her lips. “Ahh! A-ahem, yes…thank you Maya,” she mumbled, trying to catch her breath.

As she untied her legs, she found herself asking worriedly, “What exactly happened here? These people stole Number 19, b-but, it isn’t here!” she fretted, casting her eyes around the truck.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go poke my head around to locate the body. I want you to stick around here and untie the others.”

“But what if you run into trouble?!” Fernanda countered, working on freeing her legs.

“I’m pretty good with dealing with trouble,” Viper muttered. Fernanda looked up at the spy in confusion. “…I’m good at hiding.”

“Oh! Well, do be careful!”

“Mhm. And if I don’t see you around, I want you to know you’re not half bad – you should really look into finding better employment than Irkalla.”

“H-huh? What do you mean by that?”

Instead of answering, Viper headed back out into the loading bay.

Viper wasn’t entirely sure why she had lied to them there. They would find out about her deception soon enough. Restrained as they were, it wasn’t as though any of the conscious scientists could have stopped her. And even if they weren’t, she wasn’t tired enough to not be able to take care of a measly group of lab workers.

As she sluggishly dragged the unconscious neo-S.I.N. members to her waiting truck, Viper decided that she was simply too exhausted to deal with any more drama for the day.

Things hadn’t gone as planned at all today, she reflected, but the end result was satisfactory enough. ’Number 19 is secured, their research is destroyed,’ she thought, ’and Juri should fetch me an even fatter paycheck once I turn her over. Almost makes what happened today worth it. Almost.’

Viper resolved to splurge a bit to buy her daughter something nice upon her return home. ’It’ll be wonderful to see Lauren again – and to finally kick back and relax for a while.’

She closed the truck’s shutter door and entered the driver’s seat. By the time Fernanda had freed the other scientists, Viper’s truck was long gone.


Juri awoke to find herself in an infuriating situation. She had been thoroughly restrained, to the point where she could barely budge her body. Worse yet, her Feng Shui Engine refused to activate. One of the reasons she had wanted to acquire a new research team was to ensure it could be properly attended to. Without Seth’s resources, having her cybernetic eye properly repaired and maintained was an impossibility. It seemed as though her latest tussle with Crimson Viper had damaged it enough to prevent her from using its higher functions.

The subtle bumps and constant motion told her that she was in a vehicle; likely one of the trucks from Irkalla’s loading bay. She could only assume that somewhere in the darkness sat Number 19’s capsule. Really, there could only be one person responsible for this.

But as angry as she was, Juri wasn’t terribly worried. She was confident that sooner or later, she would get out of this.

And when she did, she would have her revenge.
Game, set and match. See you next quarter.

Previous part: [link]
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wizardofshadows Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
I just loved this story, and I love the artwork that brought me to this story in the first place. :)
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
Aw, thanks! I'm happy to hear that you liked everything across the board. :D
wizardofshadows Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
You're welcome and I hope to read more in the near future :)
LureDA Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For someone who isn't particularly fond of C. Viper, at least when compared with other SF gals, I'll say again that you somehow made me respect her a bit more than I expected to. Juri is a delicious person to have involved in these types of kinky fun stories too, not to mention just fun to read in general.

A+++ Seller would buy again, in short.
PoorUsername Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
I've said it before, but I'll say it again mister: It really is high praise hearing from someone who isn't even fond of the character coming out having enjoyed reading it.

Thanks. :thanks:
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
Methinks Juri will want an even worse humiliation for Viper after this.
PoorUsername Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
One can only hope. :P
zeta-mho Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fun read. You did a good job of choreographing both the combat between Juri and Viper and Viper's escape. It's really engaging to be able to follow every step of what happens.

I'd agree with ABitCracked about how this (and other submissions of yours I've read) is a story first with bondage elements being present yet not overpowering the rest. Again, always nice to read your stuff!
PoorUsername Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Thanks, it's nice to hear that you enjoyed it. I put a lot of thought into the fights and escape sequences, so to hear such consistent praise thus far is a relief.

Sometimes it is fun to jump into the kinkier side of things early, but building up to it first can really give the bondage a bigger impact and greater sense of urgency.
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
I have to agree with my esteemed colleague here - this played out like it could have fitted very neatly into the Street Fighter backstory. The combat was intense, detailed and exciting; the bondage scenes were awesome - I particularly enjoyed Juri getting all balled up when Viper turned things around. That seems to be a form of restraint you go for quite a lot in your stories - and I'm all for it!

Great stuff all round!
PoorUsername Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
I know that most people typically don't jump into a bondage story for things like fight scenes, but considering the source material, I couldn't help myself. Glad to see that it's being well-received so far!

Ball ties are wonderful things, especially against someone packing particularly dangerous legs. Those and improvised restraints are definitely guilty pleasures of mine. =P
ABitCracked Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Remember how we talked about "bondage stories" vs. "stories with bondage in them"? This feels a lot like the second one. Appropriately enough, considering the source material, it's pretty much a story of fight scenes.

And they're quite the fight scenes. You put an astounding level of detail into pretty much everything you describe--each blow in the battle--yet the story never drags or seems stale. The same goes for Round 2, the more bondage-y part, with Viper's protracted struggle to escape. The detail both allows the reader to picture everything that happens and provides a clear view into Viper's mind.

Overall, nice work!
PoorUsername Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
I wanted to put an emphasis on Viper's struggles - be it the fights or her attempt to escape - as a way to examine both her weaknesses and strengths. But really, this was ultimately a love letter to the series by acknowledging the easy-to-miss plots going on in the background and, of course, providing some energetic fights (with a pinch of kink amidst it).

It's heartening to hear that my efforts seemed to have paid off. :)
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