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Today was a big day for the research facility known as Irkalla. The results of the testing they would soon conduct would determine whether or not the long, grueling months spent on this project would prove fruitful. It would be a test that would make or break them – failure now, this far in, would bring them into ruin.

A thick cloud of tension settled amongst the researchers, their hurried steps betraying the forced calm they tried to cast. All of them had bet everything on today.

One of them, however, had a very different set of thoughts in their head. In the controlled chaos the lab had broken out into, a single researcher stood out. Though sporting a long, white lab coat, underneath she wore a blue sweater vest and a black skirt. Her beautiful, toned legs were clad in flesh tone pantyhose, and her feet clicked with every step she took in her open toed four and a half inch pumps.

The combination of those long legs and high heels left her standing taller than even most of the male scientists. The painted nails, along with her uniquely twisted ponytail, were all signs that she took great care of her appearance, unlike most of her colleagues.

All of these things were enough to draw attention to her, and indeed, at first many had wondered why someone with a supermodel's body decided to become a scientist.

It wasn’t just her looks that set her apart. Even now, the red-headed woman’s calm, calculating eyes never once showed an ounce of worry. None of her colleagues had ever seen her as anything other than a calm professional or – if they were unfortunate enough – somewhat haughty. When it came down to it, she simply saw no reason to fret.

’One way or another,’ she thought to herself, ’I’m coming out of here a winner...’

She adjusted her glasses, sighing as she took in the sorry sight of one of her colleagues. In his haste, he had bumped into a beaker, causing it to tumble towards the ground. Without missing a beat, she snapped her arm forward, catching it before it could hit the floor.

“Be mindful of your surroundings,” she admonished as she set it back in its proper place. He paused just long enough to hastily mutter, “A-ah, thanks Maya…” before running off again.

“Maya” eyed his retreating form for a moment, before turning her attention back to the clipboard in her other hand. She knew that he must have been rather distracted for him to not take a moment to ogle her legs.

It was a small wonder that this team could pull themselves together enough to get any work done. A great number of times Maya found herself thinking they wouldn’t be able to. And yet, here they were with a functional Tanden Engine prototype. Preparations were underway to present it to the executives for approval, and to move onto field testing.

Casting her eyes around the laboratory, Maya couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. “They make it too easy…”

“I still can’t believe we finally did it…” a soft voice spoke up behind her. Maya didn’t bother looking up from her clipboard, recognizing the meek voice as Dr. Fernanda’s. The shorter woman stood by her side, observing their co-workers. “All of this still feels a bit beyond my scope…to think we would be working with something as unscientific sounding as ‘ki energy’.”

“It is a bit unbelievable, isn’t it?” Maya agreed, though for different reasons. ’I can’t believe you got this close to succeeding.’ The concept of ki energy was one she had long since came to terms with. Having been personally subjected to it time and time again did wonders in dulling the absurdity of it.

The brown-haired doctor beside her nodded her head eagerly, continuing. “It’s a wonderful breakthrough for us, to be sure – but I refuse to believe there could possibly be any form of ‘mystical’ angle to this. I’m sure there’s a very scientific reason why this form of energy exists...”

Maya tuned out Fernanda’s latest tirade. Instead, she focused her attention on the only thing that mattered here: the capsule that was now being hauled in. Inside it, she could see a slim, pale figure resting within. Its lifelessness and the coffin-like capsule gave the scene a morbid undertone.

The most pressing issue was where its torso should have been, a giant, black and white sphere sat instead. It was the Tanden Engine – a device capable of channeling large quantities of ki to empower its wielder with.

“…I bet you’re glad you have the clearance to see these final steps, aren’t you?” Dr. Fernanda questioned, finally getting Maya’s attention again.

“It was rather annoying not being able to see the subject itself, despite contributing to the data,” Maya agreed.

“Well, all of that hard work is about to pay off; we’ll all finally be able to see what our fruits of labor bore us.”

’About time. I’m not sure how much longer I would have taken putting up with being away from Lauren just to chase after one of the other Bison’s replacement bodies.’

Despite quickly working her way up the ladder of Irkalla, she still didn’t have clearance to get into the deepest vaults of the facility, where they had been stashing the synthetic human. Thanks to a handy oversight, the equipment needed to perform the final stages of testing was situated in a far less secure environment, forcing them to briefly move the subject into this room.

A room she had clearance to be in. It was as though they really were trying to make things easier for her.

“If only it didn’t take so long…” she muttered.

Overhearing her, Dr. Fernanda misinterpreted her colleague’s meaning. “It went fairly fast, all things considered. It’s only been, what, six months since we managed to retrieve this body from the black market? And we’ve already cracked most of its secrets.”

The fact that several of the now defunct S.I.N.’s assets had somehow ended up in the hands of various criminal elements hadn’t gone unnoticed. Irkalla had been quick to get their hands on whatever scraps they could afford.

Maya was here to sabotage everything they had worked towards. One way or another, the only place that Tanden Engine – and all the data pertaining to it - would end up would be in her hands, after she left the labs in shambles. Hopefully this time the retrieval process would go smoother…

It would be simple, really. All she had to do was discretely upload the worm virus she had been supplied with while they were distracted. In the chaos that would follow, she would retrieve her equipment, see to the destruction of the synthetic body and head out with the Tanden Engine – and all the data pertaining to it.

All in all, it would hopefully prove to be an easy heist for Maya.

“This is so exciting – I’ve never worked with a synthetic lifeform before. What do you think it will –“

Dr. Fernanda’s excited chatter was cut short when a blaring alarm suddenly went off. The room was suddenly bathed with strobing red lights, causing all of the gathered scientists to halt what they were doing.

“W-what happened?!” Fernanda cried, looking in horror in the direction of the capsule. “Did something happen to the experiment –“

“No,” Maya interrupted, eyes narrowing, “That was the perimeter alarm. Something just broke into Irkalla.”

“But…how is that possible? Our security measures…”

“Aren’t good enough,” Maya spat. The fact that she had gotten this far had proven as much, but for someone to recklessly blow their way into the laboratory? And on today of all days, when the subject had been brought out from its vault…

It seemed as though things weren’t going to be as easy as she had hoped.

’There’s no way I’m going to let an unknown party ruin things,’ With that thought, Maya began walking towards the room’s exit, her heels tapping hard against the floor as she practically stomped her way out.

“Wait, Maya, where are you going…?” Dr. Fernanda called out, looking hopelessly conflicted.

“I’m going to see what’s going on and see to it that it’s taken care of, if needed. Fernanda, stay here and make sure none of the others leave this room, got it?”


Making her way into the hallway outside the room, Maya began rushing to where she had kept her emergency gear; a locker on the floor above them. Making a beeline for the nearest staircase, Maya wondered if she should have risked concealing a stash closer to the lab itself.

Despite her heels, her long, beautiful legs still managed to move with a grace and urgency that was ill-fitting of a scientist. She wasn’t too concerned with keeping her cover at the moment, however. She was so close to pulling off her plan – she would not let an interloper get in the way. She had spent so much time away from home for this, time she did not want to classify as wasted.

She stumbled slightly on her way up the flight of stairs. ’Why did I have to wear these heels today?’ she thought bitterly. Slowing down, she could hear the sounds of a skirmish going on nearby. “Damn…” she cursed. ’They’re moving a lot faster than I had expected them to…’

Cautiously making her way up the remainder of the stairs, she inched forward to the door leading to the next floor. Peering carefully around the corner, she saw several male figures, each clad in baklava masks and light body armor. They had cornered several staff members and security personnel into a corner. The scientists had been roughed up, but the security guards more so. Likely when they had been disarmed of their nightsticks and handguns. The renta-cops proving no match for these trained commandos.

One of the scientists, a woman, seeing one of the masked men distracted by pummeling a guard, made a dash past him. But she was wearing heels, and her movements were awkward and panicked. The masked man noticed her escape attempt. He roughly threw the security guard face-first against the wall.  Reaching out with one of his large arms, he wrapped it around the women's frail neck.

The woman yelped as she was pulled off her feet. The man tightened the sleeper hold around her neck while planting a gloved hand over her mouth. She struggled for a moment, but quickly enough, she fell into unconsciousness. She was promptly tossed into a pile with her co-workers.

Narrowing her eyes, Maya considered her options. She would have to go through them to get to where her gear was stored, and sneaking past them didn’t seem like a viable option.

She would have to fight her way past them.

They were clearly holding back their punches, and hadn’t even resorted to using any of the weapons they had on them, she noted. They seemed focused on knocking everyone out more than anything else, relying heavily on sloppy but powerful strikes to get the job done. She could use this to her advantage.

Fighting in the heels she wore would be challenging. Not only were they open toed and flimsy compared to her usual footwear, but they lacked the pressurized air blasts that gave her strikes more power. But if she was reading them correctly, with the right approach these three could easily be dealt with.

Walking into the hallway, she let loose a shrill cry. “What…what’s going on here?!”

The three men immediately turned their attention away from the last of the staff they rendered unconscious to her.

Maya covered her mouth in fake horror, looking aghast at the scene they had created. “Thi-this is a restricted area, you can’t do this!”

The intruders turned to each other. The man in the center nodded his head in her direction, and the other two began to advance towards her. “You two subdue her while I see if any of these ladies have vital information on them.” The one that had opted to stay behind promptly crouched down to consider one of the unconscious female scientists, exaggeratingly fishing around her pockets.

“Feh, you’re just lookin’ for an excuse to grope her, ain’t you?” one of the men coming her way commented.

“This one must have come from the floor below,” the other approaching man coming her way called back. “Good, she might be one of the members of the project; you know what to do.”

“I’m warning you…st-stay back!” Maya stuttered, slowly backing away from them. She noted that even with her added height with her heels, they were still a few inches taller than her.

“Or you’ll do what? Seduce us with your good looks?” one of the intruders hedged, “What’s a model doing in a dump like this, anyway?”

Maya waited until they were upon her, arms reaching out to grab her. “Now, if you’ll just come along with us, perhaps you could give us a guided tour; maybe tell us more about some of your projects going on here -- agh!

She quickly lashed a leg out, digging her heel into his privates. She decked him in the face as hard as she could, sending him further off balance. Much to her chagrin, the second blow didn’t stun him nearly as much as she would have liked. Thankfully, her initial attack proved to be quite effective.

He stumbled, bumping into her other attacker who had begun to react on instinct by trying to grab her wrist. Now forced to push his companion aside, Maya exploited the opening he provided.

Their protective vests, she noticed, only covered their chests - not their stomachs. She viciously shoved her elbow into his gut, eliciting a loud grunt from him.

“What the hell?” she heard the third intruder, some distance away, remark. She ignored him, focusing on subduing her current targets.

Wrapping her arms around the neck of the man she elbowed, she used him to hoist herself up into the air, sending the other assailant a vicious kick to the face. With a note of satisfaction, she saw that her heel had left an impression in his cheeks. He stumbled backwards, slowly falling to the ground as he clutched his nether regions.

Letting go of the other one’s neck, she landed roughly on the ground, rolling to catch herself. Strong arms engulfed her from behind, lifting her up slightly. “You damn bitch, you’ll pay for that!” he spat, squeezing tighter.

Maya tried kicking her heels down at his boots. When each impact was met with a faint clink, she realized the futility of the action – they were steel toed.

Thinking quickly, she slammed her head backwards into his nose. He grunted in pain, but held true, his grip tightening even more. “She’s got far too much fight in her,” he spat.

In front of her, she saw the third intruder watching the scene, bewildered. He stood up, making his way over to where they were.

She brought her head backwards again, bashing his nose a second time. His grip slackened slightly this time around. Groping her left hand around his leg, she tried to find something she had seen on him earlier.

Sure enough, her fingers felt the pouch attached to his belt. Tugging it open, she grasped the item within: a taser.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” he growled. “Help me with her, would you?” he said to his approaching companion.

“Hold her up more and I’ll grab her legs.”

Maya felt the man holding her bend backwards slightly, giving his ally a better angle to grab at her long legs. She coiled them back in defiance.

She waited until he reached his arms out for them, clearly intent on ensnaring them in a tight hold. Before he could grasp her long, slender legs, she uncoiled them, planting them onto his chest.

Maya pushed against his chest with all of her might. The intruder holding her, having leaned backwards, lost balance. Stumbling a bit, his vice-grip around her loosened up considerably. She butted his head again a third and final time and wriggled her way out of his grasp entirely.

Her elbow was reintroduced to him – this time, in the face. “Ghrk…” he grunted.

She ducked under an attempted punch from the man before her and struck his chin with her free hand’s palm.

Sliding his mask up slightly, Maya put her commandeered taser to good use. His body began to convulse as electricity met exposed skin.


Hastily, she turned on a dime, facing the other assailant. To her chagrin, she found herself staring down the barrel of a massive .50 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

“That’s enough of that,” he coldly stated. “Drop the taser, put your hands on your head and sit your damn ass down.”

Maya glared at him, but complied with his demand. She let the taser fall to the ground and slowly put her hands behind her head.

“What the hell is up with a scientist being more competent than the security guards here?” he muttered as he took a step closer. When she made no move to kneel, he made a noise of annoyance.

“Get. Down!” he commanded, gesturing towards the ground with his hand cannon.

She slowly sank to her knees, her eyes never leaving his. She continued to stare definitely up at his now towering figure.

“Good, good…” he muttered. He touched his other hand to his face, wincing as he felt his nose. It was bleeding slightly.

He cast his eyes towards his compatriots; one knocked flat out, his body shuddering in intervals from getting shocked, the other groaning as he rocked himself back and forth.

“What the hell are we supposed to do now? Boss said this ought to be a walk in the park…but this place has freakin’ kung-fu scientists!”

His absentmindedness hadn’t gone unnoticed by Maya. The gun pointed at her head unintentionally drifted away slightly as his distraction cost him a steady aim of his already unwieldy weapon.

’How unprofessional,’ she couldn’t help but snidely think. ’Not that I’m complaining...’

One of the security nightsticks was lying discarded on the floor by his feet. Taking her chances, she quickly ducked her upper body forward to reach for it.

Even in his distraction, he noticed her movement in the corner of his eyes.

“Hey - !”

Reflexively, his finger twitched, squeezing the trigger. His aim had already trailed away from Maya’s head as he tried to take in the current situation. Combined with her sudden movement, the shot whizzed by harmlessly past her head, barely skimming the side of her hair. Worse, he hadn’t braced for the recoil his spontaneous discharge had caused. His arm went flying backwards.

Maya managed to grab the nightstick before he could bring his arm downwards again to readjust his aim. She wasn’t about to give him the chance to. Hurriedly, she tossed it at his gun.

Her improvised projectile struck true, hitting his hand with a satisfying cracking noise. The pistol went sailing out of his grip, landing a few feet away from them.

“Damn it - !” he cursed. He lashed out with a kick, catching Maya’s legs. She toppled forward, but managed to catch herself before her face hit the floor.

He stumbled backwards, moving to retrieve his gun again.

In turn, Maya reclaimed her pilfered taser, casually picking it up.

“You…you’d better believe you’re going to pay for this!” he growled, grasping at the pistol.

Before he could make to stand back up, his hand – and the pistol in it – was pinned back down to the ground. Maya’s four and a half inch heel had dug deep into his flesh.

The last thing he saw before she pressed the taser to his neck were those long, slender legs of hers.


His body convulsed as electricity coursed through it. With a loud thud, he joined his companions on the ground, twitching and unconscious.

’Well, not all of them are unconscious just yet…’ Maya mused. She casually walked up to the moaning intruder she had initially attacked. He was still clutching at his nether regions.

“I wonder, what ever shall I do with you? Should I interrogate you right here and now, or should I hand you over to someone else instead?”

The soft groaning noise he made was all the answer she needed. “Feh. That little and he’s already out of commission. What an amateur.”

She settled on getting answers later. ’For now, cleaning this mess up takes precedence.’

He met the same fate as his partners when she introduced him to his friend’s taser. “This has become boring,” she couldn’t help but realize. She didn’t even need to bring out her tech to take care of these supposed commandos.

Still, there was no telling how many intruders there were in total. ’This attack couldn’t have been a simple coincidence.’ Maya thought. They had broken in on today of all days, when the Tanden Engine and the body housing it was taken out of the vault. It was out in the open, ripe for the taking.

’Maybe I should’ve just gone for the brute force method myself,’ she thought, somewhat bitterly. It might have saved her a lot of time.

She shook her head in frustration. As flimsy as the security was when it came to the guards, the vaults in the sub-levels of the facility were exemplary in their defense mechanisms. Without all the proper clearances and measures, no one would be able to crack it open without authorization.

Reaching a conclusion, she decided to bring out her gear, just to err on the safe side. If she could play her cards right, she figured she could play this unexpected development to her advantage and salvage her plan. Glancing around all the unconscious bodies littering this hall alone, she figured she’d have free reign over a large portion of the facility.

In the chaos and turmoil the attack caused, coupled with at least half of the staff out of commission, she’d have an easier time uploading the worm virus and securing the package.

’But first thing’s first – ensuring there’s no one else trying to get to the package…’

She began making her way to the room where her locker was, her long legs carrying her forward with purpose. Wincing slightly at the slight wobble in her steps, Maya belatedly realized that stomping repeatedly on their steel-toed boots had slightly damaged her heels.

“Well well well,” an amused voice spoke up from somewhere behind her, breaking the silence. “If it isn’t my favorite backstabbing snake, Crimson Viper. What a pleasant surprise!”

Maya – Viper – froze.

’That better not be who I think it is.’ Turning around, her fears were confirmed.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

Juri Han’s cheshire grin only grew larger. “Aww, why so disappointed? It’s been a while since we last saw each other…why don’t we do some catching up?”


Of all the people she had to run into again, it was her. Viper couldn’t believe her rotten luck today.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Juri’s involvement confirmed that this assault’s timing wasn’t a coincidence.

While she had managed to neutralize the prior intruders, she had the element of surprise on her side. ’And even then, I still slipped and ended up at gunpoint…’ she admitted, much to her chagrin. Up against a powerful, vicious fighter like Juri, without anything to give her an advantage? ’Terrible odds.’

“What’s the matter, Viper?” Juri’s teasing voice cooed, “Are you so touched by this surprising reunion that you don’t know what to do?”

“You’re right, I am rather surprised to see you crawling out of whatever hole you’d been hiding in,” Viper sniped back.

“Hah! You’re one to talk, shacking up in yet another underground nerd-fest. I’d ask you what you were doing here, but I’m guessing the same reason as me – you want Number 19’s body alllll to yourself, don’t you?”

Viper’s eyes narrowed. “How did you even know one of Bison’s spare bodies ended up here?”

“Seth may be dead, but S.I.N. lives on…through me,” Juri smirked. “And I’d like to keep tabs on all of his…”brothers”, if I can help it.”

“So, you declared yourself the leader of S.I.N.? Congratulations, you’re the leader of a broken, dysfunctional organization. Shall I send you a card?”

Juri grinned. “That won’t be necessary…I get the feeling you won’t be around to give cards to anyone once I have things up and running again.”

Viper’s face hardened at the thinly veiled threat.

“Aww, come on, no need to get so distant with me! We’re old friends, after all. I won’t treat you too roughly~” Juri pressed. The smaller woman started to walk forward, towards Viper. It was clear that Juri’s saunter was deliberately slow.

Viper reflexively took a step back, wincing immediately when she did. ’Damn it, I’m not sure if I can make it to my locker in time-‘

“Oho, what’s this?” Juri paused, scrutinizing Viper’s tense body. “Looks like you don’t have your gadgets on you, huh?” She sighed, her demeanor suddenly growing sullen. “And here I was, thinking I might actually get a decent fight today after all.”

“I don’t need my tech to take you on,” Viper bluffed. She knew that she couldn’t take Juri in a straight fight, but…

’If I can find a way to distract her, I might be able to make it to my locker in time. I’d just have to lock the door behind me.’

While she kept her gaze on Juri, she carefully examined their surroundings in the corners of her eyes.

“Oh, please, you were never much of a challenge even with your lame cheats,” Juri scoffed.

“You’re one to talk, relying on that eye of yours,” Viper shot back. ’That Desert Eagle is too far away. One of the nightsticks? It wouldn’t do much, but any distraction is better than nothing…’

“Guilty as charged,” Juri breathed. She slid a hand to her face, covering her left eye – a cybernetic implant. The Feng Shui Engine not only provided her sight, but, by virtue of being a miniature Tanden Engine, greatly bolstered her agility - and fighting prowess - when activated. “Thing is, I don’t even need to use it to kick your ass right now.”

’These heels need to go, too – slows me down and I’ll be changing into my other pair soon enough anyway, if this goes right.’

“But that’s okay,” Juri continued, a savage grin forming, “I think I can still get some entertainment out of this~”

Viper dropped herself to the ground, scooping up the nightstick she had used against her earlier assailants. Much like before, she repeated the move, launching it as hard as she could in Juri’s direction.

Juri stepped aside a fraction of an inch, the baton missing her head entirely. “…really? I know you’re pretty pathetic, but please tell me you’ve got a little bit more than -”

Her taunt was cut short when a torrent of steam burst forth, descending upon her. Viper’s true aim had never been Juri, but the pipes – and the valve connected to them – above Juri’s head.

“Guh – why you –“ Juri sputtered. Ignoring her, Viper hastily removed the straps to her heels, slipping her feet out of them. Spinning around, she began sprinting down the hall as fast as she could, hopping over the various unconscious bodies littering the hall. She needed to get to her locker.

The spy had immediately ruled out grabbing one of the unconscious thug’s guns. Having seen Juri in action plenty of times in the past, she knew the futility of attempting to use firearms in such small spaces. Juri’s Feng Shui Engine greatly bolstered her reaction time enough to let her dodge small arms with relative ease.

If she were to see her plans through, she would need to be at full power.

’…if I get that chance,’ she thought bitterly. Behind her, Juri had begun to growl.

“Oh, you’re so asking for it, you punk!”

The door was just a scant few feet away now…but Viper could hear Juri barreling her way towards her. She wasn’t sure if she would make it.

“Ghh!” Viper grunted in pain, tumbling forwards towards the ground. Juri had sent one of her purple ki blasts her way, tripping her up.

Viper flipped onto her back, staring up at Juri’s now towering form. She rolled out of the way just in time to avoid having her gut kicked by one of Juri’s feet.

She tried to stand, but Juri casually flicked another leg her way, forcing Viper to attempt to block it with both arms.

The spy slid backwards from the impact, grunting with exertion. ’The only way I can get into that room now is to push Juri back…but how?’

“Hm. This is boring,” Juri complained, watching as Viper rose to her feet again. “I suppose I’ll just have to get some entertainment out of this some other way.”

Viper launched herself at Juri, intending to retaliate with a flying kick of her own. Instead of moving out of the way, Juri simply grabbed the leg. Using Viper’s momentum against her, Juri sent the buxom spy careening into a wall. Groaning and slightly dazed, Viper stumbled onto her feet again.

She managed to weave to the side in time to avoid a punch aimed at her collarbone. To counter, she delivered two punches to Juri’s gut in quick succession.

Despite lacking her gloves to give them more of an impact, the blows still succeeded in winding Juri. Wincing slightly in pain, Juri caught her breath.

“Heh…is this the extent of your strength without your parlor tricks?” Juri taunted, “Not as bad as I thought you’d be…but not nearly good enough!” She kicked Viper’s side, causing the red-headed woman to fall to the ground again.

“Still, I wonder how you even managed to defeat my men like this…” Juri continued, now fully recovered. “I guess they really were bottom of the barrel. If I didn’t need extra arms for this mission, I would’ve just done it myself…”

Viper made note of Juri’s rambling, but focused on the battle at hand. She pressed on, bending her right arm and swinging it upright. Her elbow connected with Juri’s jaw, causing the woman’s bored composure to flatter momentarily. “Not bad, that really hurt–“

The spy followed up with a roundhouse kick. Juri ducked her head backwards, avoiding the limb. Viper kept spinning on her feet, turning around to deliver a backhand to Juri’s head just as she repositioned herself upright.

She clutched her head in pain, stumbling backwards. Distressingly, she began to cackle, her laughter echoing through the hallway. When she looked back up into Viper’s eyes, she simply seemed amused more than anything else.

“I guess even a defanged snake can still put up a fight. But let’s face it, we both know how this ends.”

Viper knew that her attacks would have little effect on her opponent. Juri was simply toying with her – when she felt like it, she could end this “fight” whenever she wanted to.

What she was really aiming for was moving them closer to the room she needed to get in. If she could position them just right, she could squeeze through the door and lock it from inside before Juri could react…

“As much fun as it is seeing you pathetically try to claw at me, I think I’d better cut things short,” Juri suddenly said, actually yawning afterwards. “I’ve got more important business to take care of.”

Her left eye glowed purple as she delivered a blistering fast kick straight at Viper’s head. The spy could only watch in horror as her plan crumbled before her very eyes –

And then, all she saw was darkness.
A certain red-headed secret agent's latest mission doesn't quite go according to plan...

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with this. Y'all know who you are, and each and every one of you are all kinds of awesome! :thanks:

Next part: [link]
wizardofshadows Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
I like this story so far, now I'm off to read the next part. :)
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