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Amidst the silence, the victor peered down at the now unconscious woman lying in a crumpled heap on the floor.

“Hmm…I suppose I still have enough time to play with you a little bit more,” she hummed. Glancing over Viper’s body, she couldn’t help but feel amused. “She even reused the same exact disguise…talk about unoriginal! Bet you even went by ‘Maya’ again, didn’t you?”

’I could put an end to her feeble existence right here and now,’ Juri contemplated, ’But that would be too easy, crushing her now. Toying with her some more…that outta be more fun…’

But first, she still had business to see to. Waltzing over to her fallen men, she delivered sharp kicks to each one. They groaned and twitched, consciousness slowly returning to them.

“I didn’t hire you to laze around; hurry up and get what we came here for!” she barked. The men stumbled to their feet, wincing as they did so.

“Did we really just get our asses kicked by a scientist chick…?” one of them muttered.

“She’s more than that,” Juri corrected, “But it’s still pretty pathetic.”

One of the men spotted the woman in question, laid on the ground and completely defenseless.

Juri chuckled when she caught the glint in his eyes. “Now now boys,” she said, waving a finger. “We don’t have much time to spare. You take care of things downstairs while I do some more catching up with my old friend here.”

“But – “

Juri glared at them. “Do you really want to press your luck that badly? I’ll take care of her, and you take care of the ‘recruitment’.”

They stared down the smaller woman for a few seconds before relenting. “Whatever you say…boss.” His eyes lingered on Viper for a few moments before he turned.

“Alright, come on. Our target must be on the floor below; you two, gather up and interrogate as many scientists as you can while I secure the package.”

They walked off with sluggish steps, heading down the staircase that Viper had emerged from.

Turning her attention back to Viper, Juri contemplated her options. Crushing Viper did have its own appeal, but it really would be too easy. ’Like stealing candy from a sleeping baby…’

Rubbing in the crimson-haired spy’s defeat though, that was something Juri could sink her teeth into. She licked her lips at the thought of seeing Viper’s flustered, anguished face when the Korean fighter walked off with the prize they had both came to the facility to claim.

She didn’t have much time to spare, but Juri reasoned she had just enough to see to Viper being properly humiliated.

But first, she’d need some tools. Looking around, she decided to duck into the room the agent had seemed so intent on reaching.

Inside, she saw that it was a storage room of sorts. Several lockers were lined up against the far wall, with a multitude of open boxes and crates littering the floor. It was quite the mess for an otherwise orderly facility.

Juri walked briskly through the room, eying the contents of each one as she passed by. They seemed to have been filled with medical supplies at one point, but most of them had been emptied out. She eyed the lockers – each one had a keypad on them, requiring a code to unlock them. She considered bashing them open one by one, but she was in a hurry.

Instead, she doubled back to check the boxes again. Within one of them sat a used up roll of microfoam tape. It only had enough left for a single strip to be applied to something, rendering it mostly useless.

The lack of proper supplies was disappointing, but it did give her an idea…

Picking up the mostly emptied roll, she strode back into the hallway. Dumping it onto the ground by Viper, she crouched to stare at the downed woman.

A wicked grin formed on her face as she eyed the long lab coat Viper wore. Juri decided that she had a much better use for the coat…

She reached for one of Viper’s arms, slipping it out of the coat’s sleeve. The agent shifted slightly at Juri’s touch, but remained unconscious.

Juri did the same for the other arm and pried the coat off of Viper’s body.

She held the article of clothing up in the air, carefully measuring it up. At the bottom, it divided slightly in the center, leaving a gap and splitting it into two coattails. Juri grabbed one of the coattails and began to tear at it.

It was simple, really. If there was nothing else to use, Juri would just make her own restraints. She couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement as she tore up the coat, setting aside long strips of cloth produced from it. There was something about the thought of using the crimson-haired spy’s own disguise against her that was extremely appealing. It was an extra touch of humiliation that helped spice things up, she reasoned.

Juri hummed contentedly after she produced a fifth strip. “This will do,” she decided, as she eyed the pile of rags.

Pulling Viper’s arms off the ground, she placed them behind the agent’s back. Plucking one of cloth pieces, she began to wrap it tightly around the downed woman’s wrists. Juri tried pulling Viper’s hands in opposite directions afterwards, testing the makeshift restraint. Viper’s wrists remained touched to one another, much to Juri’s delight.

Juri let go of Viper’s hands and picked up another piece of torn lab coat. The twin-tailed woman began winding it around the buxom spy’s arms just below her shoulders, further restraining the limbs.

Not entirely satisfied just yet, Juri grabbed another cloth piece. One end was looped around the knot that Juri had made for the cloth restraining Viper’s upper arms. Juri rolled the crimson-haired woman over onto her back.

Viper stirred slightly. “Nnh…,” she groaned softly.

Juri looked down at the hapless woman amusedly. ’She’ll be waking up soon…better make sure my surprise is ready for her before then.’

She pulled the cloth around Viper’s waist and then flipped her over again. Scooping up the cloth from the other side of Viper’s body, Juri tugged it backwards, pulling it as taut as she could. It pressed up underneath Viper’s voluminous chest. The loose end was promptly tethered to the cloth around the agent’s arms, tied around the same knot as its opposite end.

Content with her work on Viper’s upper body, Juri snatched up the fourth rag. This time, she moved towards the agent’s splayed legs. Kneeling on bent knees by Viper’s feet, Juri brought the limbs together and sat them onto her lap.

“Hmm, not bad~” she noted, taking the toned legs in. “Not as good as mine, though.”

The cloth was slid around Viper’s ankles, squeezing tightly around the sheer fabric encasing her legs as Juri secured it.

One strip of cloth remained. Licking her lips, Juri knew just what to do with it.

With both the wrists and ankles tied, Juri could begin her next planned step. From her kneeled position, she stretched an arm out to grab the last of the improvised bindings. This, she wrapped one end around the center of the cloth she had just affixed to Viper’s ankles, in between her legs.  A thick knot was tied, securing it onto the ankle tie.

Next, Juri bent Viper’s legs backwards, pressing them closer to where her bound arms sat nestled. Juri used one hand to keep the legs pinned down. With her free hand, she grabbed the now dangling cloth trailing down from the agent’s ankles.

Juri tugged it, pulling it towards Viper’s wrists. Just like the other end, Juri wrapped it around the wrist restraint. With another tight knot tied to secure it, Juri successfully hogtied the unconscious woman.

Gracefully standing, Juri began circling her captive, looking over her work.

With the right kit she certainly could have done something stricter to the lady spy, but considering what limited options she had, Juri found herself satisfied enough with the results.

All that was left now was putting the small piece of tape to good use.

Juri scooped it up off of the ground where she had tossed it. She eyed Viper’s mouth, fingers moving to rip the piece of tape off the roll. The mistress of S.I.N. hesitated. Staring at the unconscious woman’s plump, full lips, Juri couldn’t help but feel like something else was missing.

“Ah, of course!” she realized. Walking back over to Viper’s discarded lab coat, Juri bent down and tore off a portion of one of the sleeves. Waltzing back to Viper, she bent down in front of her face. Balling the ripped sleeve up, Juri slid the wad into the unconscious woman’s mouth.


Juri grabbed the mostly emptied tape roll again, this time removing the tiny strip of tape. It was smacked over Viper’s mouth, entrapping the cloth stuffing within it. Juri ran her fingers over the microfoam tape, smoothing it over.

“Seeing you all helpless like this…I gotta admit, it’s got me kind of excited.” Juri mused, “Wish I had more time to watch you suffer…but I’ll be sure to drag out what I can~”

Juri stood up and stretched. Giving Viper’s bound body one more glance, Juri turned around and sauntered off, intent on rejoining her men.


Crimson Viper’s eyes slowly fluttered open as consciousness returned to her. The first thing she noticed upon awakening was that something damp and filling was jammed inside her mouth. She tried using her tongue to push it out, but it was met with resistance. Likewise, any movement of significance had been arrested. Her limbs were stretched and bent uncomfortably, and the sensation of cloth pressed against her skin was all she needed to know – she had been bound and gagged.

Glancing down, she could make out something white plastered around her lips – tape, it felt like. Craning her neck to see behind her, she saw that her lab coat had been removed. Worse yet, she had been hogtied.  It was an unsettling development.

’Speaking of unsettling developments…’ Viper thought bitterly.

Juri had bested her before she had made it to her locker. There was no telling how long she had been out – for all she knew, Juri and her henchmen had already made it out of the facility with the synthetic body in tow.

If there was one thing Viper hated more than working overtime, it was losing. There was no way she was going to let all of her efforts go to waste.

Viper put her energy towards testing her bindings. She attempted to pull her bound wrists and ankles away from each other, but it was of little use. The restraints tied to them held fast, keeping them pressed tightly against each other. The spy tested the hogtie next. Straining her arms and legs, Viper attempted to see how much slack she had to work with. They refused to budge more than a fraction of a centimeter.

The depraved woman may have resorted to simple cloths to restrain her, but there was no denying that Juri’s handiwork did its job in restraining her very well.  

’Where did she even get this cloth from?’ Viper wondered. She had a guess, but the crimson-haired woman hoped she was wrong. Her green eyes scanned the hallway as she continued to struggle. The sight of her torn lab coat confirmed her suspicions.


’Restrained by my own coat….of all the gall…’

A wave of indignation coursed through her. To be put into such a feeble state by Juri Han…

Twisting her head to look behind her, Viper shifted her focus back to escaping. The thick fabric of her lab coat wasn’t going to tear easily, it seemed. The agent attempted to wedge a fingernail underneath the cloth ensnaring her ankles, hoping to slowly loosen it. Much to her disgruntlement, the makeshift restraint had been strictly applied - she couldn’t properly slide her fingers under it. Frustrated, her attention shifted to the cloth hogtying her, and the knot connecting it to her ankle’s restraint.

The knot, she decided, would be more of the same. It didn’t stop her from attempting to pick at it anyway.

As she had figured, Viper simply couldn’t find any openings to work with. No more than a minute had passed since she awoke, but to Viper, it was an eternity. The more time she wasted like this, the more likely it was that she would lose her target.

If she couldn’t free herself through her own means, she would have to look outward. She scanned the hallway, green eyes searching for a tool to aid her. None of the unconscious bodies were near her; not that it mattered much. The security guards didn’t carry knives on them, and the scientists didn’t usually make it a habit to carry around sharp objects unless partaking in an experiment. There was no telling which one of them might actually have something sharp on them, and Viper wasn’t exactly in a good position to search each person one at a time.

She could wait until they regained consciousness, but there was no telling how long that would take.

Though mostly emptied out, there were still several boxes that had contained medical supplies in the storage room. There might have been a scalpel in one of them, but not being able to open the door in the state she was in ruled that out.

All things considered, her options were limited. Sparing her ruined coat another glance, Viper’s eyes grew pensive. Seeing how it had been repurposed gave her an idea. She looked around the hallway, spotting where she had tossed her heels aside.

If nothing else, it might prove to be more successful than her fingers at helping her escape. Viper scoffed at the thought, wincing slightly as she unintentionally rolled her tongue around the underside of her mouth’s stuffing - an unpleasant reminder of the obstruction. She was so desperate that she was considering a regular heel as a potentially vital item.

The problem she was now faced with was actually reaching them. They weren’t too far from where Juri had left her, but getting there in her current state would be a hassle.


Viper began to bob her body back and forth. The spy managed to roll herself onto her back, her ample chest heaving upwards. Rocking herself to the side, she flipped her body over again. Her breasts pressed uncomfortably against the cool floor, adding to her growing mortification.

The crimson-haired woman continued to roll her body to the best of her ability. Slowly, she made her way to her discarded heels.

She was close to one now. Abandoning her rolling tactic, Viper began to close the gap by moving her chest and legs forward to the best of her ability. Though greatly limited, the agent managed to worm her way forward, inch by inch. As a side effect, her shirt rolled up slightly, exposing her midriff.

Finally, after what felt like an agonizing eternity, Viper reached the heel. Flipping herself so that her back faced it, she peered behind her, ready to position herself properly.

As she struggled to grasp it, she could hear the faint sound of movement – someone was coming this way.

Sure enough, one of the intruders turned the corner further down the hall, pushing the capsule containing Number 19’s body on a long cart. Behind him, the two other men were hauling a large crate.

‘So they haven’t left yet…’ Viper felt partially relieved, but the fact that they were still here would likely hinder her escape attempt.

“Hmm? Well well well, look who’s awake, boss!” the man pushing the capsule called back. Even from this distance, Viper could feel him eying up her body. A fresh wave of contempt and fury exuded from Viper. She had been hoping to get out of this before anyone else could see her in such a pitiful state.

Viper growled as she saw Juri round the corner. The Korean woman radiated amusement as her eyes settled on her handiwork.

“Should we toss her in, too?” one of the men pushing the crate grunted.

Juri hummed, considering their options. “It would be fun to catch up properly,” Juri admitted, before slowly shaking her head. “But if there’s one thing “Maya” here has proven, it’s that spies and scientists don’t mix!”

Viper narrowed her eyes, reading in-between the lines. ’Tossed in, huh…’ She eyed the crate they were carting along. They were kidnapping scientists, too?

“So…what, we’re just going to leave her here?” the one pushing the capsule spoke up. “Just like that? After what she did, I’d really like to pay her back for that.“

Scoffing, their leader playfully chided them. “Some ‘professionals’ you turned out to be…but that’s just fine~”

Juri slid over to him, lazily standing on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Stick around with S.I.N. long enough, and I’m sure you’ll get your shot at it,” she breathed.

Stepping back, she concluded, “Besides, right now I think I’d rather have her run back to her bosses with her tail between her legs to tell them why exactly she failed today~!”

The crimson-haired agent in question bit into the cloth wad stuffed inside her mouth in agitation.

“We’re letting her alert them of our presence?!”

“Oh, they’d find out one way or another, that’s how it tends to go. But I want to send them a clear message…” Juri’s eyes took on a wild look at this, “…we’ll be more than capable of dealing with whatever they send our way.”

“If…you say so, boss,” the man reluctantly conceded.

’So she really is out to make a name for her version of S.I.N. …how foolish.’ Viper thought to herself.

Juri hummed to herself as she eyed the torn lab coat, a small distance away from where she had left Viper.

“I wonder though…just where did you think you were going, in that state?” Juri called out.

Striding ahead of the mini-convoy, the self-made leader made a beeline to the spy. Standing before the agent, Juri admired the view presented to her. Their roles were reversed, with the smaller between them now leisurely towering over the other.

Stretching a leg out, Juri propped her right foot underneath Viper’s chin, forcing the agent’s head to tilt upwards. Viper’s glare intensified, her already limited patience further deteriorating.

“That’s a good look for you,” Juri cooed, taking pleasure in the outraged look she was receiving, “but I’m thinking I could improve it even more.”

She moved her foot from under Viper’s chin, before planting the instep against the agent’s forehead. Juri playfully pushed Viper’s head away, forcing their staring contest to come to an end.

She sauntered past Viper with a sway in her hips afterwards, making her way over to the tattered lab coat. Upon scooping it up, she returned to the waiting captive, a sadistic grin plastered on the Korean woman’s face.

“You’ve been trying to escape somehow, haven’t you?” Juri hedged.

“Is that what she was tryin’?” one of the men piped up as the rest of the trope came to a stop. “We should do something about that, then.”

“Yeah boss, we ought to just take her with us,” one of the others insisted again.

Juri waved a hand at them dismissively.

“Nah, we still need to finish preparations first,” she stated plainly, squatting down by her crimson-haired captive’s head. “I don’t want any wildcards like her around home base until that’s finished.”

As she tore off a particularly large chunk from the ruined lab coat, Juri nodded towards the other end of the hallway. “Alright, enough standing around uselessly, keep hauling our cargo out of here. I’ll be right behind you in a minute.”

They stared at her for a moment, before slowly continuing onwards. “Great, the boss gets to have all the fun again…” one of them muttered under their breath.

As the large crate passed her by, Viper could faintly make out the sounds of muffled whimpering coming from within. Taking into consideration the floor they had just came from…

’Ah…Juri’s gathering scientists attached to the project. Is she trying to rebuild the research department of S.I.N. by using kidnapped workers?’

Viper’s scrutiny was interrupted when her glasses were ripped from her eyes.


“Relax red, those wouldn’t have done you much good a few seconds from now anyway,” Juri teased.

Juri sat herself down onto the agent’s back, legs splayed around either side of Viper’s head. The torn cloth was draped over her crimson hair, its excess spilling over and engulfing the entirety of her head. Like this, Viper could barely see, only able to catch glimpses of the floor beneath her where the cloth ended.


Viper thrashed her body about, trying to shake it off. Juri acted quickly, grabbing a smaller cloth piece and bringing it to her captive's neck, where the improvised hood ended. She began to wrap it around, pinning down the ends of the larger cloth. The cloth noose around her neck was tightened just enough to ensure that it would keep it in place. The makeshift hood was now tightly clinging to Viper's skull, with her ponytail’s pompadour protruded from underneath the hood as a noticeable bulge.

“Let me tell you, it’s no fun not having people at my beck and call to repair my Feng Shui Engine for me.”

Patting Viper’s head, she couldn’t help but smirk slyly. “Thankfully, you guys have enough nerds here to contribute to our new and improved research team!”

Juri snickered as she rose to her feet. “I wonder, will you be able to get out like this on your own, or will someone have to come rescue poor little ‘Maya’, an utterly helpless damsel?”

Viper felt Juri plant a foot on the back of her head, pushing it forward. “Mnnghh…!”

“Well, whatever. Just be sure to tell your bosses “Hi” for me, loser. I’ll be looking forward to your postcards!”

And with that, the pressure on Viper’s head disappeared. Listening carefully, she could hear the soft smacking of Juri’s bare feet walking across the floor, growing fainter with every passing second.

Once again, the snake had been bested by the spider.

’There’s no way I’m letting her get away with this.’

Crimson Viper knew that she had her work cut out for herself, given her current situation. Steeling her mind, she was determined to see this to the end – she refused to accept anything less than a satisfactory conclusion to this day.


Before Juri had completely slid the hood over her head, Viper had hurriedly cast her eyes about the hall. The now blinded spy had made note of the orientation of her surroundings in those fleeting moments before her sight was stolen from her. Thankfully, her aggressor hadn’t bothered moving her – or the heel.

Despite the odds being against her favor, the restrained spy knew that panicking would get her nowhere. Trying to take a calming breath – as good as that was with that stifling obstruction covering her head - she knew that she would have to go about this methodically.


’First thing’s first…’

Viper could feel the heel pressing lightly into her side. Cautiously, she began to slowly worm herself forward. The hood made moving in her current state twice as awkward, requiring her to pause and reconfirm where the heel was by brushing against it. The process of aligning herself to roll her hands over to grab it seemed to stretch on, despite its close proximity.  

Finally, the crimson-haired woman could feel the heel brushing up against her thigh – putting it close enough to her hands.


With a soft grunt, Viper rocked herself back and forth, attempting to shift herself onto her side.

She groped blindly at the floor, long fingers dancing aimlessly about as Viper tried to reach for it. When her fingers made contact, Viper carefully wrapped them around it.

Flopping back onto her chest - and wincing slightly from the act - the agent began to awkwardly flip it around, so that the heel would face where the cloth hogtying her would be. Tentatively, she brought the shoe forward, sighing in relief when the heel met resistance.

’Good, now to get out of this…’

Viper continued driving the four inch heel into the cloth, its tip embedding itself into the fabric. As tight as it was in regards to keeping her in a firm hogtie, the tattered cloth was far removed from rope. Continuing like this, Viper knew that she could rid herself of it by tearing through it.

It was proving to be difficult striking a balance between patience and urgency. With every passing second, Juri and her men were getting further away. Still, knowing that if she messed up now, her chances of catching up to them would lessen even more.

Keeping calm, Viper kept up her blind assault on the cloth, feeling the heel meet with less and less resistance. The fabric was tearing, and afterwards, she would –



Underneath her hood, Viper’s eyes furrowed at the faint sound. The heel…the heel she had damaged earlier during the altercation. If it broke now, she’d have to grope around blindly again and, unlike before, she wouldn’t know its precise location.

’Almost there, come on…there!’

The cloth was ripped in two as the heel finally pierced through it entirely. Moments later, the heel broke off from the shoe entirely, falling onto her butt and sliding onto the floor.

With her legs now free to move away from her hands, Viper bent them backwards to touch the floor. Worming herself around, the agent attempted to locate where the fallen heel had landed. Her hands met nothing in her brief search.

Abandoning the tactic, Viper prepared herself for what would come next. Since she was still facing the same direction, the adjacent wall would be directly in front of her. With her legs now free to touch the ground, the crimson-haired woman began to inch her way forward, her feet and slender legs pushing herself along the floor.

When her head touched the wall, she struggled to rise up to her knees. Like this, she cautiously made to stand. She stumbled halfway up, causing her to pitch forward.


Thankfully, the wall had caught her fall, her body hitting it with a soft thud. Taking a moment to make sure she wouldn’t slip again, Viper concentrated. She thought back to her position in relation to the rest of the hallway before Juri had fitted her with the hood.

’The storage room should be further down the hall, to the east…which would be this way,’ she thought to herself, ’If I follow along this wall, I can reach the doorway – it should be the third one.’

With no other choice, Viper knew the next part would be grating, to say the least. She took a tentative hop forward, wobbling slightly as she caught herself by leaning a shoulder against the wall.

Pressing onwards, the determined woman continued to hop forward, using the wall to maintain balance and to retain her sense of direction.

With the cloth hood covering her head, Viper paused to catch what little breath she could manage upon reaching the first door. She was sweating a little by now, but was determined to see it through.

Onwards she hopped, counting the number of hops as she went to gauge how far the doors were from each other – and how much more distance she had to cover.

At the second door, she was panting slightly. The hood had certainly done a fantastic job at making the already cumbersome task that was hopping around in bindings all the more difficult.


’Just a little bit further…’ she told herself. Moving herself away from the door she had been leaning on, Viper continued down the final stretch of her journey.

Finally, she reached the third door. ’After all of that effort, this better be the right one,’ the hooded beauty thought bitterly. She mentally chided herself for thinking that - she trusted her memory, and was fairly confident she was at her destination.

Putting her back against the door, Viper began to grope blindly for its handle. Finding it, she twisted it and pushed it forward, grateful that it opened in that direction.

Knowing that the floor would be littered with various boxes, the spy opted to sink to her knees after turning around to face the room. From there, she sat her chest against the floor and began to worm herself forward, much as she had before, in the hallway.

Her shoulders brushed up against the multitude of boxes, mostly emptied out, as she progressed. Relieved that she had picked the right room after all, she pressed onwards. Some seconds later, her forehead tapped lightly against a steel locker.

Using it to support her ascension, Viper mulled over her current situation.

She would need to remove her hood before anything else. The trek to this room had left her breathless, and she would need her sight in order to unlock her locker.

’There should be a bench to the right of the lockers…’

Sinking back down to her knees, Viper began to snake her way along the floor. As she had hoped, she bumped into the bench in question.

She touched her forehead along the side of the bench, guiding it along until she felt one of its corners. Banking on the fact that the area where her ponytail slid out from underneath the hood would have a big enough gap to work with, Viper repositioned herself with awkward motions.

With the back of her head now facing the bench’s edge, she began to ease into it. It took a few tries in her state of blindness, but Viper finally managed to slip the cloth around her neck over it. When she did, the spy immediately began to slide downwards, letting the bench’s edge pull at the cloth.

It had seemed as though Juri hadn’t tied it as carefully as she could have, much to Viper’s relief. Thanks to that, and the fact that she had wrapped the improvised binding over the ponytail instead of under, she could already feel the noose around her neck slackening.

A satisfying ripping noise accompanied the ruination of the cloth. With her neck freed from obstructions, Viper began to repeat the process – this time, with the hood itself.

Once she had it partially slipped off, she abandoned the tactic by furiously shaking her head. The cloth fell off to the ground, allowing the agent to take in large breathes of air for the first time in what felt like ages.

Though sweating, Viper knew she couldn’t relax just yet. Using the bench to support herself, she once more rose to her feet and hopped back over to the lockers.

This time, with her sight returned to her, it was easy to make a beeline to her specific locker. Standing in front of it, she hopped around in place until her back faced the locker. Viper bent over until her fingers were closer to the keypad. Glancing over her shoulders, she input her password. Hopping out of the way of the door as it opened, she found herself sighing in relief.

’It’s about time…’ she mulled.

She briefly eyed her gloves and boots, before settling her vision downwards. At the bottom of the locker was a kit; inside it, she knew she would locate the last piece she’d need for her escape.

Crouching down on her knees again, she stretched her fingers out, towards the kit. Cracking it open, she spied just the thing she was looking for – a pocket knife.

Taking extra care with procuring it, Viper set about doing away with the bindings around her wrists first. Using her dexterous fingers, she pressed it just alongside the thick knot keeping it in place and started slicing.

In moments, her wrists were freed from the makeshift shackles. Privy to movement once more below the elbows, Viper set about removing the bindings around her shoulders next.

Once they joined the growing pile of scraps on the floor, the crimson-haired beauty immediately tore the tape plastered over her mouth off. Spitting the wadded stuffing away, Viper took a few deep breaths of air.

As she began cutting the remaining restraint around her ankles, Viper couldn’t help but think back to Juri’s earlier words.

” I wonder, will you be able to get out like this on your own, or will someone have to come rescue poor little ‘Maya’, an utterly helpless damsel?”

“You’ll be getting your answer soon enough,” Viper growled. Now completely freed from her bindings, she rose to full height, shaking out the kinks in her muscles the uncomfortable situation had left her with.

As she slipped on her boots over her feet, Viper couldn’t help but smirk. “I don’t you’ll like it at all.”
The continued trials and tribulations of Crimson Viper. Will she succeed...?

Previous part: [link]
Next part: [link]
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Maybe that's part of it for you, maybe not. Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Viper's plight here! ;)
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